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I am requesting that all quilts and backings come in ironed & placed length ways on hangers. This has saved on space and cut prep time tremendously thus, more quilt time!
Who doesn't like that..
A set up fee may be charged
on fabric that is not ironed or right off the bolt.

Please contact us for pricing.
We are no longer holding the promotion of the 5th Quilt
Discount as of January 2016.
We will honor cards that are still in use and marked my us.
Once you have redeemed your discount, another card will not be issued.

We are in the works of creating another promotion so stay tuned for future developments!

Thornapple Quilting & Design Studio LLC is the only authorized entity to give a quote on quilting and it's fee schedule. Thornapple Quilting & Design reserves the right to change it's pricing throughout the year.

We ask that you turn in your redemption cards for credit when dropping off quilts to be  longarmed. I will no longer keep track of your used credits.

Thornapple Quilting & Design LLC

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